Seventeenth of Tamuz

Today is the Seventeenth of Tamuz which is actually the eighteenth of Tamuz as we do not fast on Shabbat. This begins a period of mourning until Tisha B'Av that is known as בין המצרים or the Three Weeks. During this time, we refrain from listening to music, shaving and cutting our hair, no weddings, and no reciting the blessing of Shehechyanu (which means no buying new clothes.) We avoid making business transactions during this time as well. Only when there is a loss of money, such as a once a year super sale, may one make an exception. Five things occurred on the Seventeenth of Tamuz: Moshe broke the tablets on this day. The evil Apostomus burned a Torah scroll on this day. An idol was placed in the Temple on this day. The walls of Jerusalem were breached on this day. And the daily sacrifice called the Tamid, was no longer offered from this day onward. May our fast days turn to days of joy speedily.