Lustful Thoughts

The Tanya was written for the common man even though it has many lofty ideas. There is also a great deal of Kabbalah in the Tanya. The book was written to elevate people and encourage them. One such idea of the Tanya is in regards to a person having sinful or lustful thoughts. If one has such thoughts and does not act on them, he should feel very proud of himself. On the other hand, if that same person expresses feelings of sadness or disappointment for even having those thoughts in the first place, the Tanya calls that individual conceited! The reason for this is that he thinks of himself as a Tzaddik. For only a Tzaddik is on such a level that he never even entertains sinful or lustful thoughts. For the majority or for us "Beinoni's", we should be content that we overcome temptation.