Lessons from Breishit

The Shney Luchot Habrit mentions that there are four primary lessons to be learned from פרשת בראשית. The first is that קנאה, תאוה, כבוד, honor, jealousy, and lust, remove a person from this world. Trouble began with the lust of Eve and the honor the serpent was seeking and his jealousy. The second lesson is that we need to be careful what we eat. Putting unholy food into our mouths causes a great deal of confusion and hurts us spiritually. The third lesson is that we are to model ourselves after our Creator. The Parsha seems to emphasize Hashem's generosity in particular. We are likewise meant to be generous and follow Hashem's example. The final lesson to be learned is humility. Hashem said, "Let us make man" in order to show humility. This is an extremely important trait to acquire that leads to all kinds of good things. Shabbat Shalom