Money as a Test

Another point made by Rav Mann זצ״ל regarding yesterday's Parsha is the question of how we deal with money. He quotes a Pasuk from Kohelet that says, עושר שמור לבעליו לרעתו, "Wealth is reserved for its owners to his detriment." The connection is to how Korach was ruined because of his wealth. It confused him into feeling he was entitled to more honor than he deserved. Money gives a person a sense of power that he is better than others around him. The Orchot Tzaddikim says that money comes to a person as a Bracha, a blessing, a test, or a curse. In Korach's case it was definitely a curse as it led to his ultimate downfall. When money comes too easily or too quickly, it confuses people into making bad decisions. May we all be blessed with the kind of wealth that is a Bracha where it gives us peace of mind and enables us to do more Mitzvot. Rav Elazar זצ״ל made this very point when he once said, אם אין כסף אין מצוות. If there's no money, there's no Mitzvot.