Rosh Hashana

Shavua Tov. Tomorrow night we begin Rosh Hashana and עשרת ימי תשובה, the Ten Days of Repentance. We are grateful to Hashem that we have this opportunity to clean our slate and have our sins forgiven. On Rosh Hashana we do not ask for forgiveness. The purpose of this holiday is to establish that Hashem is King of the Universe. You will notice that the term מלך is used numerous times throughout the Rosh Hashana prayers. We must be clear that there is a Ruler to the world to whom we are subservient. We must reiterate in our minds how small we are in relation to Hashem's greatness. The famous prayer, ונתנה תוקף, is said on Rosh Hashana to emphasize this point. This is the climax of the Mussaf service. We mention that we are like sheep passing before the shepherd where he chooses who will live and who will die. We also must face the reality that some might perish in the coming year. We shout out that Hashem is the Eternal G-d and תשובה תפילה וצדקה can change the decree. Without recognizing Who it is that we must ask for forgiveness, there would be no point in asking. Rosh Hashana makes it clear that it is to our Father in Heaven. Shana Tova