There is a great deal written in this week's Parsha regarding testimony. We are commanded to give over testimony when we know information about a crime committed. It is understandable why it's easier not to "get involved", but it is more important to make sure that justice prevails in our society. One of the reasons why it is particularly difficult to testify about a crime, comes from the following Pasuk: יד העדים תהיה בו בראשונה להמיתו. The hands of the witnesses should come first in order to put the criminal to death. This is followed by יד כל העם, the hands of the rest of the nations. This means that in a death penalty situation where the accused is to receive death by stoning or strangulation, the two witnesses, whose testimony brought about this person's guilt, were also the ones to administer the punishment. If it was stoning, they were the first to hurl a heavy stone. If it was strangulation, the two witnesses had to pull on the rope that brought about the strangulation. All of this may sound harsh but we must never forget that the Torah is the ultimate in truth and justice.