Loving Every Jew

The Tanya tries to offer different suggestions as to how we are to motivate ourselves to do Mitzvot. Sometimes it is helpful to remember the satisfaction we felt when we overcame temptation. If we hold on to that feeling, it could help keep us in check. Other times the feeling of failure can push us forward. We never want to experience that emotion again and it, too can be a motivator. The Tanya further suggests the importance of loving our fellow Jew. This love begins with one loving himself. It should be followed by a spiritual connection with our fellow Jews. If it is only a connection based on materialism, it will not last. For example, connecting to someone because of their money or their athletic ability, will not create a lasting friendship. But sharing goals and ideals that creates a more spiritual connection, will endure. When we think of loving every Jew, we should attempt to make a spiritual connection of our common destiny and the Torah that we are all meant to observe.