Lessons from a Funeral

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a fallen IDF soldier, Shlomo Rindenau ז״ל. The Book of Kohelet says that it is better to attend a funeral than a party. This is because there is a lesson to be learned at a funeral while a party is just a party. There were three messages that were expressed that are worth remembering that were mentioned yesterday. The first is that everything that Hashem does is for good. This is true even when it is difficult for us to see it. The second point was that we are put in this world in order to fulfill a specific תפקיד or purpose. When this תפקיד is fulfilled, we may be taken from this world, even at a young age. And the third point is that we need to remind ourselves that G-d is just. He is not cruel and does not do things just to cause pain. We must possess the humility to believe that there are things that happen in this world that are beyond our comprehension. We must never judge Hashem. These are points that need to be reiterated all the time. It's a shame that it had to be taught at the funeral of a brave Jewish soldier.