More on Parshat Noach

Two more points from פרשת נח: The first is that we learn that one should always speak with clean language, בלשון נקיה. The Torah used extra words to describe the unclean animals by saying, "And the animals that are not clean", instead of saying the word טמא, which is a much more derogatory word. In Hebrew: ואת הבהמה אשר איננה טהורה instead of simply saying הבהמה הטמאה. Always speak in a clean way. The second point is from the של״ה הקודש who said that the משיח, who is sometimes referred to as בן דוד, will atone for the sin of the Tower of Bavel. In our פרשה it said ונעשה לנו שם, "and we will make a name for ourselves". And by David, as he became known as a great warrior, it was written, ויעש לו שם, that he made a name for himself.