The Nature of Man and G-d

The beginning of the Torah according to the של״ה lays down two important principles about the nature of G-d and the nature of man. It is essential that we are aware that Hashem is separate from this world and He is not dependent on it in any way. If the world exists, He exists. If the world would cease to exist, He still exists. Hashem not only possesses the knowledge of all that was and will be, but also the knowledge of what could have been. Hashem is King of the Universe and only allows those who refine themselves, to get closest to Him. Man, on the other hand, was given a יצר הרע, to contend with. For him, it's all about choices. If he chooses the path of goodness and holiness, he can be on the level of an angel. If he chooses the path of evil, he can go lower than an animal. Our attachment to G-d helps us achieve the path of Kedusha.