Shavua Tov. Another important point learned from today's Parsha is that one must never be an ingrate. One is always obligated to be appreciative of any kindness that one does for him. This was exactly the speech that Kalev made after hearing the evil report of the spies. After tearing his clothes as a sign of mourning, he reminded the people that it was Moshe Rabbeinu who split the Red Sea and gave the Manna and the quails. When Kalev said עלה נעלה, that we shall surely go up, Rashi says that Kalev further said that if Moshe told us to build ladders to go heavenward, we should believe him for he fulfills whatever he says. Rav Mann זצ״ל wrote that Kalev was telling the people to elevate themselves to a spiritual level and rise up their low level of fears and doubts. Ingratitude is a terrible trait.