Mitzvot of Action

The Tanya speaks of how it is necessary to serve Hashem with thought, speech, and action. Thought and speech can be done without leaving one's home. One can study Torah and be involved in intense prayer and he will feel a strong connection to Hashem. The aspect of action is extremely important in raising the level of spirituality of not only himself but of the entire world as well. The Tanya makes many references to the animal soul within man that can be conquered with Mitzvot of action. Even a simple act like putting on Tefillin, serves the dual purpose of minimizing the strength of the animal soul, and brings light to the world. The world is on a very low spiritual level and it is the task of every Jew to bring light to all of the darkness that exists. The Mitzvot of action which also includes acts of Chesed and giving, serve to bring light to the world. We are in a situation where people even confuse the darkness and call it light. The Mitzvot done with our bodies that are seen, helps to also bring clarity of what is good and evil. The Tanya is telling us that we must be complete servants of Hashem through thoughts, speech, and action.