Shavua Tov. Rav Shlomo Mann זצ״ל wrote a great deal about פרשת קרח. It was difficult to understand how such a wealthy man of prominence was able to make such a bad choice to enter into conflict with Moshe Rabbeinu. Rav Mann explains that in life we make many choices. Our thought process is either categorized as coming from holiness or thoughts that come from the negative side known as the Kelipa. In the words of the Talmud, שתי כליות יועצות, our two kidneys advise us. One advises us to do good and the other to do bad. The Torah itself admonishes us to "choose life". Korach's mistake was that instead of using his faculties of holiness to make the right choice, he allowed the negative forces to rule and convince him that it was the right thing to challenge the leadership of Moshe and Aharon. We must remember that whenever we have choices to make in life, we should try to connect with Hashem and ask for guidance. This will help us greatly to make the right choices that will allow us to succeed.