Outsmarting Eisav

The story of Yakov taking the Bracha from Eisav is one of the more puzzling stories in the Torah. And despite this incident, we say תתן אמת ליעקב, that Yakov stands out for his truthfulness. The של״ה הקדוש tries to explain this from a more mystical level in terms of how Eisav represented the קליפה and the pollution brought into the world by the snake. The snake is known for its trickery and deceit. Yakov had to defeat the evil of Eisav with some trickery of his own. Another explanation comes from the Tehillim and the Book of Shmuel. There is a clear recommendation that one has to know what he's dealing with. If one's interaction is with a Tzaddik, he could let down his guard and be totally open. But when dealing with an evil crook like Eisav, you have to outsmart him as Yakov did. Shabbat Shalom