Rebuke Brings Peace

Shavua Tov. One final message from the Parsha from the של״ה הקודש. There is a Pasuk that says והוכיח יצחק את אבימלך, that Yitzchak rebuked Avimelech about the wells that belonged to Yitzchak that Avimelech filled up. This section is followed by a treaty that followed between them. From here the Rabbis learn that תוכחה מביא לידי שלום, that sincere rebuke leads to peace. It's preferred that when someone wrongs us that we not keep this to ourselves, but let the other side know what they've done. This is especially true when the wrong done is caused by monetary loss, bodily harm or shaming. One of the classic brilliant remarks made by Shlomo Hamelech in Mishlei is, "Rebuke a wise man and you gain a friend. Rebuke a fool, and you gain an enemy." Pirkei Avot also lists אהוב את התוכחות, loving rebuke, as one of the forty eight ways to acquire the Torah.