Parshat Korach

The message of this week's Parsha is the problem that arises from lusting for power. Korach was the wealthiest man in the world and he had an important task in carrying the holy vessels of the Temple. Many of the commentators blame the rebellion on Korach's wife who incited him to rebel against Moshe. Many felt that he should have known better as he did not trace his lineage to Yakov Avinu. He knew that Yakov handed over the secret words, פקוד פקדתי to the true leader that Hashem had chosen. The message, as emphasized by my dear student, Herb Maltz, was the danger of pursuing honor. Although most attribute lust to sexuality, the lust for honor can be equally damaging to an individual. All logic goes out the window when one is possessed by this lust as Korach was. He rebelled against G-d and the Alshich adds that he rebelled against the authenticity of the truth of the Mitzvot. He is removed from the world like no other Jew and is remembered in infamy as the one who did not know how to be happy with his lot in life. This led to his ultimate demise. Shabbat Shalom