Our Parsha this week also deals with the subject of sorcery and superstitions. There is a clear prohibition to consult the dead or to practice any act of witchcraft of any kind. King Shaul was guilty of this by consulting the אוב. He contacted the soul of Shmuel who told him he would die the next day. We are to be aware that there is power to the צד הטומאה, the side of impurity. We are not allowed to attach ourselves to any of this negativity. It affects our souls in a negative way. The Pasuk tells us תמים תהיה עם ה׳ אלוקיך to be perfect with Hashem and rely totally on Him. We must be particularly careful in today's world when all kinds of charms and "Segulas" are being offered. We must draw the line to be certain that we don't turn these things into עבודה זרה.